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25 artists.
25 pieces of art.
Choose wisely.

We're thrilled to present Grails: Season II. We're bringing more artists into the collection and distributing Mint Passes to PROOF Collective NFT and nested Grail Moonbird holders. As always, artist identities are kept hidden until the post-mint live reveal event.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I participate in the mint, and what will they cost?

To mint, you'll need to hold a Grails Season II Mint Pass. The Mint Pass is obtained by holding a PROOF Collective NFT or a nested Moonbird with the Grail Headware trait. Mint Passes can also be purchased on OpenSea. Once the mint window opens, Mint Passes can be burned for the Grail of your choosing. The cost to mint will be .05 ETH.

How are Grails Mint Passes distributed?

Mint Passes will be airdropped directly to the 1,000 wallets holding a PROOF Collective NFT and up to 176 wallets holding a Grail Moonbird.

How many Grails will be minted in total?

There are 1,000 total PROOF Collective membership NFTs, and 176 Grail Moonbirds, each eligible for one mint. There are 2 honorary PROOF memberships, resulting from holders whose wallets were compromised. Artists will also be gifted their genesis mint (25 in total) and one additional mint (25 × 2 = 50); PROOF will also mint one of each (25) for our collection and gallery. The theoretical maximum is therefore 1000 + 176 + 2 + 25 + 25 + 25 = 1,253 across all artworks. That said, we don't expect every pass holder to mint. Minting numbers of each artwork will vary based on the popularity of that individual artwork.

I don’t have a Grails Mint Pass. Is there any other way to purchase a Grail?

Yes. As the artworks are minted, undoubtedly, some will be listed for sale on the OpenSea marketplace. You can purchase these before or after the reveal process.

What happens to Grails Mint Passes that are not redeemed?

Mint Passes must be used prior to the Season II mint window closing. In the event that a Mint Pass is not redeemed within this window, the token will be burned, meaning it cannot be traded or used at a later date.

I’m thinking of buying a PROOF Collective NFT. Is there anything to be aware of?

Yes. PROOF Collective membership “perks” are tied to our Terms of Use. Additionally, if you're interested in minting a Grail, please check to make sure that the Grails II Mint Pass has not already been airdropped. PROOF makes no guarantee of NFT eligibility.

How do NFT sales proceeds and artist royalties work?

100% of primary sales are pooled together and split amongst participating artists. 80% of secondary sale royalties go directly to the artist responsible for the work.

Which chain will Grails be minted on? What about carbon emissions?

Grails NFTs will be minted on the Ethereum L1 main chain. We eagerly await the upcoming Ethereum transition to (eco-friendly) Proof of Stake consensus. Until then, PROOF will carbon offset all smart contract deployment and initial Grails mints through Aerial. An offset certificate will be posted here once minting is complete.