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A private members only collective of 1,000 dedicated NFT collectors and artists.

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To join, one must hold the PROOF Collective NFT. Membership includes access to our private Discord, early access to the PROOF podcast, in-person events, and other collaborations created exclusively for PROOF Collective members.
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Past and upcoming project collaborations available exclusively to the PROOF Collective passholders community. More revealed in time.
Original Collection
Grails: Choose Wisely
Top artists in the space. Unique pieces of art. Artist names revealed only after the mint. Grails is an exclusive mint only available to the PROOF community. Each piece is a unique work of art made for the Grails drop in collaboration with outstanding artists in the NFT space and beyond.
Emotes by Heart You
Artist Collaboration
Emotes by Heart You
Emotes are the first Proof + Artist PFP collaboration project featuring 1433 generated NFTs. Emotes was an exclusive drop for Proof and Heart You holders. Heart You is a project of self understanding, love and acceptance of the whole self, including our shadow self. “Emotes find their owners” Heart You says about these NFTs - encouraging the owner to explore the embedded messages and symbolism of the work.
Collective Intelligence
Our members were early collectors of some of the most sought-after NFT projects. We believe in group bottoms-up-driven research. A collective working together is stronger than any single member.
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Bored Apes
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